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Medical Help for Uninsured

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My son was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when he was 17 years old.  He is now 22 years old and his health has been steadily declining.  Doctors do not want to treat him because he has no health insurance.  Below is a letter we have been mailing to different people trying to get help.  Please help if you can.

May 17, 2010


Social Security Administration

Office of Disability Adjudication and Review

5107 Leesburg Pike

Falls Church, Virginia 22041-3255


RE: SSI Disability Claim

Zachariah Robert Hogan 



I was raised in a good home with a mother who worked to make sure we got what we needed (and sometimes wanted) and got to participate in school or church activities. I was happy and around the age of 13, I became really involved in the Youth Ministry at my church. In doing this, I decided that I wanted to become an ordained minister or youth minister when I got older. I have an older brother and a younger sister. My life started changing when my sister and I were involved in an automobile accident. We were both members of the Hueytown High School Band (I played trombone and she played the clarinet). We were at the school on the evening of 2/8/2005 to perform in a band concert. My mother was sick and could not go. I was 16 years old and driving at that time. There were two ways you could get to our home from the school. You could go through Pleasant Grove which was residential with lighted streets or you could go on Rock Creek Road which was curvy with no street lights. My mother always told me not to drive home on Rock Creek Road at night because if something happened there might not be anyone around to help us. My sister and I were both tired after the band concert and I decided to go home on Rock Creek Road because it was a little bit closer to our home with no traffic lights. It was February, it was cold and it was drizzling rain. It was between 8:30 P.M. and 9:00 P.M. when we were headed home. I still do not know what happened. We were going down a steep hill that was also curvy. My sister had laid her head on the console between the two front seats and later told me that the last thing she saw was two bright headlights behind us and then she woke up with half her body in the car and the other half in the water. Obviously the vehicle behind us could not slow down on the wet road and pushed us into the oncoming traffic lane where we hit the edge of a cement bridge and then fell over 20 feet into the creek below the bridge. Whoever was in that vehicle behind us did not even try to stop and help us. My sister said she thought she was dreaming as she battled the swift water to cross the creek (it was a very rainy year) and then climbed up the mountain to stand on the bridge to get help. We both still had our band uniforms on which were purple and black with gold sequins. My sister said that every car that came by just kept going and would not stop. I had been unconscience and when I came to I knew I was in bad trouble. I hollered for my sister because I did not know where she was. I told her to come get the cell phone and try to call our mother, not thinking that she would probably not get a signal in that area and also that the phone was soaking wet. She made her way back down the mountain and crossed the creek to get the cell phone. I was trapped in the car. I felt like I had no left arm and no right leg but unbearable pain was coming from my left foot. She got the cell phone and was trying to cross the creek to the mountain but she was getting tired and almost gave up but then a county sheriff came into the creek and pulled her out. We did not know that one of the cars that had passed her while she was standing on the bridge went to tell the county sheriff that they thought there was a girl standing on the bridge and they followed him back to the bridge to see what was going on. Things starting happening then. Fire trucks, ambulances and my hysterical mother were all waiting at the top of the bridge. I was cut out of the car and loaded into an ambulance and my sister was put in another ambulance because she said her head was hurting. Our mother had to get my older brother to take her to the emergency room. I was taken to the trauma unit at The University of Alabama in Birmingham and my sister was taken to Children's Hospital. Luckily, my sister only had a few small cuts and bruises. I was not that lucky. I had to undergo surgery to repair my broken left arm with a titanium rod, repair my broken right leg with a titanium rod and an attempt at reconstructing my left foot. I was in the hospital for 8 days and then I went home to spend five months in a hospital bed unable to do anything and my mother doing all she could to get me well. I was a junior in high school at that time and when I got to feeling better, I did my schoolwork in the hospital bed because I wanted to graduate with my senior class. Two weeks after finally shedding all casts, I went to summer band camp. We marched in the field in the hot sun (end of July), took a lunch break and then marched some more in the evenings. During lunch break, I had to go home, lay down, take some pain medication and give myself a pep talk so I could go back in the evening. We had an awesome band that year and won trophies at all the band competitions. I got all my schoolwork done and graduated with my senior class of 2006. I auditioned for the band director at UAB and received a scholarship to march with the UAB Marching Blazers. My plan was to major in computer science and minor in music. I then wanted to pursue becoming a youth minister. Things at college were great from August, 2006 thru December, 2006. I had been having some problems with my stomach but thought it was probably due to the food I was eating at college. A few days after we returned to school from the Christmas holidays, my stomach began getting worse. I called my mother one morning and she drove to the dorm at 4:00 A.M. to bring me some medicine. Two days later, I was getting worse so my mother came to take me to the UAB Emergency Room. My mother thought it was just a bad stomach virus. After 12 hours in the emergency room, I was admitted to the hospital. The doctor started asking my mother if irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's Disease ran in our family genes. She told them "No", but then when people in the family heard about me, we found out that Crohn's Disease ran on my father's side of the family. I actually had three distant cousins who had the disease and unfortunately one of them was a male who had passed away in his mid 20s because of the Crohn's Disease. When I was released from the hospital with the diagnosis of Crohn's Disease, I went right back to the dorm. I figured I would take the medicines and continue with my plans. I was released from the hospital on a Monday and on Friday I had to call my mother and tell her I had to return home because I was sick and exhausted all the time and could not concentrate on my schoolwork. I am 22 years old now and every day I am in pain and cannot gain weight. I don't just suffer with pain due to the Crohn's Disease. Crohn's disease is an autoimmune disease and the doctors have told me that my broken bones from my earlier automobile accident are being attacked by the Crohn's Disease. Sometimes the pain in my legs are so bad that I cannot sleep. And things are getting worse and my mother has taken me to the emergency room every week during the past six weeks. All they do is give me IV fluids, pain medication and steroids in the emergency room and send me home. I need to have a colonoscopy performed to see what is going on, but they will not admit me and do the test because I have no health insurance. I am disabled because of this disease and I have no health insurance. It is a struggle trying to find doctors that will treat you if you do not have health insurance. My medication is expensive. I filed for SSI benefits three years ago and my claim has not been approved as of today.


Anything you can do to help me would be greatly appreciated,






Zachariah R, Hogan

P.O. Box 223

Warrior, AL 35180


P.S. Zach had a follow-up appointment at the Birmingham Health Center at 10:45 today, 5/18/2010. He told them he had been extremely ill for the past few days with diarrhea, etc. Dr. Zaxena called someone in gastroenterology at UAB and they told him to just give him a prescription for 20mg of Prednisone two times a day until he could be seen by them on June 14, 2010. This his is third course of Prednisone and it does not help him. When he was seen at the Birmingham Health Center two weeks ago, they were also supposed to refer him to someone for pain control. As of today, no one has called to give him any referrals to any other doctors. He also is having problems with an infection in his right big toe. Dr. Zaxena felt he needed to go to the Emergency Room to be admitted but was told different by someone in the Gastroenterology Department. Zach is in pain, tired and giving up. Surely someone can be humane enough to try to help him.



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